Illinois Wing Tsun is a branch of the Carson Wing Tsun Academy, that has been providing high quality Wing Tsun training in the Chicagoland area since 1998. We currently serve the communities of Glenview, Northbrook, Wilmette, Gurnee, and Northfield.

What is Wing Tsun?


More than two hundred and fifty years ago, during the latter years of the Ching Dynasty, soldiers of the Manchu Government lay siege upon the Siu Lam Monastery at Mt. Sung. The Elders escaped the destruction of the monastery and went into hiding in various parts of China. One of these Elders, the Buddhist Mistress Ng Mui, settled at the White Crane Temple. It was here that she developed a revolutionary new martial arts system designed to defeat larger, stronger masters of other styles. She would soon teach this system to Miss Yim Wing Tsun, for whom the art was eventually named.

Since then WingTsun has been handed down for generations as a “closed door” (secret) system. However, thanks to the late Grandmaster Yip Man, the door has been opened and the system is now taught openly. After years of studying to perfect his techniques and researching to develop a systematic way of teaching, Grandmaster Leung Ting, the last direct disciple of Yip Man, has brought this revolutionary Martial Arts style to sixty-four countries around the world, making it one of the most widely practiced styles of Chinese martial arts.


WingTsun is a fast moving, highly effective art. It is functionally the quickest and most intelligent system available. Unlike Karate, Tae Kwon Do or many other Kung Fu styles, the WingTsun system does not use yells, high kicks, fancy movements or board-breaking to demonstrate its effectiveness. Instead, this unique system places emphasis on speed of reactions, physical sensitivity to the actions of your opponent, and precision of techniques to overcome your opponent.

The WingTsun student never uses power, brute-force or pre-arranged movements to defend against an attack. Instead, he (or she) uses sensitivity to the movements of his opponent to overcome their opponent’s strength. This reaction is developed by a special training method called Chi Sau or “Sticky Hands”, which teaches a student to deflect an attackers force and to use the opponent’s actions against him in such a manner that the opponent will actually defeat himself.

WingTsun has some special benefits to offer old and young alike. There are some aspects of WingTsun that are truly unique to the system and are not found to the degree and level of refinement in other types of martial arts.

Core Values

Perhaps the best thing WingTsun has to offer our community is what I like to call core values. Core values are the special things you learn through the course of practice like, self-discipline, excellence, goal setting and too many other special qualities to list. These core values, and their systematic implementation, are what make WingTsun unique over other physical activities like soccer or basketball. Where as these sports do teach something of teamwork, it is the rich tradition of philosophy and high standards of WingTsun that make it so valuable to our community. The following is just a sample of the core values WingTsun promotes:

  1. Academic Excellence: Every minor is required to be passing and respectful in school. Intent to promote forms are sent to teachers before each rank exam to verify this.
  2. Excellence in life: Through disciplined practice, WingTsun teaches people how to acquire difficult skills. “KungFu” literally means skill through hard work. This spirit of perseverance and discipline to achieve mastery is taught through WingTsun and helps people in all walks of life to achieve more.
  3. Goal setting: WingTsun ‘s ranking system is a metaphor for success in goal setting. By giving people small discreet goals to focus on, they can achieve much larger goals in the martial arts. This skill is easily transferred to other areas of life. Goal setting is the master skill of success.
  4. Respect: One of the fundamental philosophies of WingTsun is respect. WingTsun teaches students to respect themselves and others. It resonates through our training halls and is role modeled by all our instructors. Respect is the essential foundation to all positive human relationships. With genuine respect for all, we can create a great society.

WingTsun is uniquely poised to service a diverse population and can be of benefit to many different people. It is different from other styles of martial arts and different from other physical activities. It has numerous benefits that can strengthen individuals and in turn strengthen our society.

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are incredibly important to quality of life. Children who exercise regularly do better in school. Adults who take care of their health are far more productive than those who do not. WingTsun is unique in the fact that it is a blend of internal and external style martial arts. External martial arts work on physical fitness and athletic ability. Internal martial arts, such as Tai Ji, work on breath control and health. Each approach, internal and external, has benefits. The fact that WingTsun takes advantage of the best of both of these approaches makes it a superior activity for encouraging the health of the populace.WingTsun provides the following benefits:

External Fitness

  1. Strength: WingTsun is an ideal way to build muscles and increase muscle tone. It is more exciting than weight lifting and better at producing core strength, which in turn can be used in any athletic endeavor.
  2. Cardio-vascular conditioning: The quick movements of WingTsun guarantee a great workout each and every class. This helps reduce body fat, and as you may know, obesity and type II diabetes has become a national epidemic.
  3. Balance: Injury due to falls is the leading cause of reducing quality of life for the elderly. Falls are primarily caused by attrition in balance. The good news is that can be countered with regular balance practice. WingTsun has practices similar to yoga, which produce incredible balance. They are appropriate for old and young alike and help to develop fine and gross motor ability.
  4. Flexibility: Flexibility produces ease of movement and postural integrity. Flexibility is necessary to prevent injuries and reduce stress. Flexibility training is integral to every WingTsun class and is done in a gentle and progressive manner.

Internal Fitness

  1. Breath control: WingTsun teaches a student how to harness their breath to increase their level of health and vitality. Through the practice of our basic form, a student learns how to direct their internal energy.
  2. Immune function: Through regular workouts and breath control practices, a WingTsun student’s immune function may actually increase making them more resistant to disease.
  3. Energy: After practicing WingTsun for as little as six weeks, a student can expect to see an increase in their overall energy level. This helps improve quality of life, because after all, who does not want more energy for their family and friends.
  4. Stress reduction: Many people suffer daily from the rigors of modern society. Having a systematic way to reduce stress and vent pent up tension is essential to staying healthy. Not only does a WingTsun class offer this valuable stress relief, it teaches students strategies to coping with modern day stresses.
  5. Longevity: Consistent practice of WingTsun can maintain an individual’s health and actually increase life span. Furthermore, it can help an individual keep a much higher level of health and therefore a much higher quality of life into their senior years.


The WingTsun system seeks to reduce violence and victimization in our society in a number of ways:

  1. Every WingTsun instructor tries to instill a sense of responsibility around the use of physical force. Physical force is to be avoided whenever possible and minimal force is to be used only if necessary.
  2. Every WingTsun instructor teaches practical strategies for avoiding physical conflict. These include environmental awareness and verbal boundary setting techniques.
  3. Every WingTsun instructor teaches our youth how to defeat a bully without fighting.
  4. WingTsun instructors seek to reduce victimization by instilling confidence and awareness in students.
  5. Though physical force is always a last resort, WingTsun is uniquely suited for the average person, young and old alike, to protect themselves form sudden violent attack.