The person who says that it can not be done …..should not disturb the one that is doing it

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A new Wing Tsun student faces many challenges – a new habit, new terms, different customs.  However, the  inevitable challenge is the one from within. “Let’s skip because, it’s hard.”  etc   Successful students focus on adapting new ideas and seeking the guidance of their Sifu.  A Sifu has already successfully walked this path and can offer the tools to develop a unique and rewarding kung fu...

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CWTA Long Pole Training

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Our Toronto HQ took a short video clip of the Wing Tsun Long Pole and posted it on Facebook and on the HQ Website. It is a common misconception that the Long Pole and Double Knives are not useful. In fact, there are lots of lessons that are learned from practice with these weapons that provide insight into empty hand fighting movement. Access to these lessons and training is what makes Carson Wing Tsun Academy a unique opportunity to train in...

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