CWTA Long Pole Training

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Our Toronto HQ took a short video clip of the Wing Tsun Long Pole and posted it on Facebook and on the HQ Website. It is a common misconception that the Long Pole and Double Knives are not useful. In fact, there are lots of lessons that are learned from practice with these weapons that provide insight into empty hand fighting movement. Access to these lessons and training is what makes Carson Wing Tsun Academy a unique opportunity to train in...

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June Seminar with Sifu Lau

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Sifu Lau teaches us the skills to overcome all sorts of adversity in life.   Sifu Lau visited the Chicago area CWTA Branches June 6-8, hosted by Sifu Chris Mah and Sifu Steve Chan. We are fortunate to have two high ranking CWTA Sifu’s in the Chicago area! Private lessons were conducted Friday and Saturday, followed by an all day seminar on Sunday. This was another great opportunity to fine-tune our skills and train together with...

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Martial Arts for Women

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I have been practicing Wing Tsun for over 4 years now and my journey has been interesting to say the least. I have tried other martial arts and I must say that Wing Tsun Kung Fu has taught me how to use my small stature the best. I am 5’2” and 120 lbs soaking wet!!  My training in Wing Tsun has effectively taught me how to use my entire body to defend myself efficiently. I’m even considered somewhat of a “bruiser” in class!! I was...

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Sifu Lau Visits Chicago Area Branch Schools

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This past weekend Sifu Carson Lau visited the Chicago Area Branch schools for a weekend of seminars, private lessons, and fine dining. This fall session was the best yet, with Sigung sharing much advanced training material with his CWTA family. Sigung visited all three Branch schools. We learned a lot in a short amount of time, and have plenty to practice before Sigung’s next visit. There was a true sense of family throughout the...

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