The Northfield CWTA Branch led by Chris Mah and the Evanston CWTA Branch led by Steve Chan performed a Wing Tsun demo on June 21st for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. CMNH provides funds for critically ill children and their families, and this fund raiser is an important part of their efforts. The opportunity to participate was an honor.

There were a variety of demonstrations from bands, dancers, and other martial arts groups (kids). Our demo focused on realistic adult self defense and the applications of the art of Wing Tsun. Our team performed chi sau sections, free chi sau rolling, while Sifu Chris did an introduction to the CWTA of SiFu Carson Lau.

Our senior students performed several demonstrations.  Tia demonstrated a series of women’s self defense techniques. Brian and Rommel showed a series of applications of SNT CK and CS 1 – 3 with attack combination. Sifu Chris demonstrated blindfolded chi sau with senior student Donald Ray.

photo 2 photo 1 photo 11   photo 21 Demo Tia 4     Demo Brian 7   photo 31

The applause from the crowd was thunderous, as they had never witnessed the effectiveness of Wing Tsun.  There were several inquiries from the audience about classes and a variety of Q&A.

After the demo, Sifu Chris treated the team to pizza and refreshments as a token of appreciation for their participation in this important fund raising event.