“Illinois Wing Tsun is the perfect place for me to learn the principles, discipline and values of Wing Tsun. This is a great place to be at the end of a busy day. The instructors take great care and have great patience working with each one of us. Each of us has our own favorite learning methods and the instructors are great at adjusting the pace to each one of us. Even though I have a busy office job during the day, I really enjoy coming to practice in a laid back but very focused environment. From the moment I walk into class, I feel a sense of welcome and family with other students and our instructors. Within each practice session, the instructors have a way of bringing out the art, philosophy and finesse of Wing Tsun. This is a truly remarkable and humbling experience. This is something you take with you into other parts of your life and treasure forever. I have been very fortunate to have found this amazing art and great environment for learning it.”

-Dan G. – Northfield Class