On June 8, in a ceremony at the CWTA headquarters in Toronto, Sifu Chris Mah was promoted to 4th Technician Grade. Sifu Steve Chan (Chicago Branch) and Sifu Gilbert Leal (San Antonio Branch) were also promoted to 4th TG. Sifu Chris has studied WingTsun for nearly twenty years and is head instructor for the CWTA Northfield, Illinois branch. This marks a significant milestone for the CWTA and for Illinois WingTsun. Sifu Lau also taught the three new 4th TG’s the long pole form and refined advanced sections of wooden dummy chi sau.

All of your students at the Northfield Branch congratulate you on this great achievement. We admire your dedication to WingTsun and your ability to share the concepts at all levels. We thank you for providing not only quality instruction, but a second family for all of your students.

Congratulations Sifu Chris!!!


–Northfield Branch Students